March 3, 2008

the evening (post)

Last night my synagogue, Beth Am Israel, put on our annual cabaret! It's quite fun. This year's theme was Places I Remember. All of the songs had to do with places. Everyone started rehearsing way back in September, and the hard work payed off. People are getting better each year, and the show keeps expanding.

My contribution was "The Boy From", which is a Sondheim song from "The Mad Show" and "Side by Side by Sondheim." I'd never heard of it before, but my dad knew of it. Thankfully, I remembered all of the words, a feat which I had yet to accomplish through all of the rehearsals.

It's fun to be on stage singing, but the real joy of the night is all the happy people. It may sound cheesy, but everyone was wonderful, and the show made the people in the audience and on stage really happy. It was joyous. People should get together more often.

With all of the technology available in this day and age, it is easy to go for days without interacting with people in a meaningful way. Meaningful interaction is not paying the delivery guy who brought you food. Meaningful interaction is not a phone call or online interaction. Meaningful interaction is face-to-face gatherings with real people. There should be more, not fewer, of those.

I'm lucky that a group of family friends gets together once a month to sing songs, and talk, and eat cake. Those times are meaningful. Not in the sense that something productive gets done, but we all leave with greater well-being.


Rachel said...

agreed =)

I read a blog post that cited an article ( ) from the Washington Post about a high school *too* full of technology.
It had me thinking about technology, School 2.0, 1:1 schools, etc...and why SLA--while so similar to this school--is so very, very different.

Miss Hull told me it's cause of that. Meaningful interactions =) I think she's right (as usual.)

Simply Meg said...

I completely agree with this post!
Human interaction cannot be substituted by phone calls or instant messaging. I think that in this day and age, human interaction is even MORE important than ever, because we get so caught up with computers.
YAY for taking time to interact with concrete human beings!