March 6, 2008

hot cocoa (post)ulate

I am a Swiss Miss. That's one of my iChat headlines, and it is true. I am addicted to Swiss Miss hot chocolate. I will be the first to admit that I have a problem. On average, I drink about two mugs of cocoa a day.

But people underestimate the goodness of Swiss Miss. "It's just an instant mix" or "It's weak." Well, people, I believe I have found the perfect recipe for a nice mug of hot cocoa - yes, instant.

Take two packets of Swiss Miss milk chocolate hot cocoa powder. Open and pour into mug. Get yourself a spoon. Pour a quarter/half cup of hot water into the mug. Mix the water and powder until all powder is dissolved. (Note: take as much time as needed to dissolve it all. It might be longer than you wish to stir, but keep going. This is a crucial step.) Next, fill the mug to about half an inch from the top with hot water. Stir again to distribute the thick chocolate mixture you made in the previous step. Then, top off with cold water so your cocoa is not too hot to drink.

It's quite lovely.

Just today I got another convert. I walked her through the steps and she made herself a cup of cocoa. After drinking a bit, she said, "It's fluffy. Not watery at all. It has a bit of fluff as if made professionally." She had underestimated Swiss Miss. Now she knows, and hopefully you do too.


Chris Lehmann said...

My perfect recipe:

One packet of Swiss Miss (non-marshmellow, although that may be a personal preference.)

Slowly pour in two-thirds of a cup of coffee. Stir vigorously as you pour. Keep stirring until all cocoa is dissolved. (If you have a whisk, I say, use a whisk.)

Fill the mug with milk.

Your own perfect mochachino. Lovely.

Hannah said...

I do agree, the marshmallows don't work.

It sounds pretty good. I'll have to pass that on.

Simply Meg said...

Swiss Miss?
It must be an American product because I've never heard of it before!

I love hot chocolate though! It's a favourite of mine.

A while ago, I was a vegan, and searched high and low for a vegan hot chocolate mix. I ended up with hot chocolate from my Secret Santa!

Long Live Hot Chocolate Lovers!

delish88 said...

hmmm WELLLLL i have to disagree on SOME POINTS!!! Although i am also a proud owner a a one gallon tin of Swiss Miss, it is not the BEST ALTERNATIVE to some real home-style chocobars melted down and with some milk and economy sized marshmallows in it... ahh yes.... ECONOMY SOUNDS