April 3, 2008

The Season of Chaos without Sleep

Ahh, benchmark season. The chaotic, stress-filled work sessions of doom. I have seven classes. That equals seven major projects all due in pretty much the same time frame. All final products due in the same week. Now, if you’re like me, you tend towards procrastination. So, in the process of frantically finishing large important projects, I haven’t done much else in the past few weeks.

However, there is definite value in having to juggle multiple projects. Time management. I’m learning. I rarely need to stay up past midnight to finish a project. This is a definite improvement, and one that I am proud of.

Grades go in tonight. That means most benchmarks are done. You can visit my Biochemistry benchmark here, and blog section of my English benchmark here.

Now, you may wonder, projects? Not final unit tests? No, I tell you, because I go to a project-based school. We at the Science Leadership Academy believe that tests are not an accurate representation of learning. Projects challenge learning and necessitate understanding. On a test, all you need to know are dates and basic concepts. You might even guess on a few questions and magically get it right. However, you cannot guess on a project. You need to understand the deeper concepts of the French Revolution or Their Eyes Were Watching God in order to analyze their importance. You cannot make a multiple choice test question out of why Janie stayed with Joe even though he abused her. There are multiple reasons why, and different people will interpret the relationship differently.

I learn at my school, and I retain what I learn. I think that’s pretty darn important.

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Lindsea said...

I wish I went to a project based school! It sounds amazing.

I tagged you in a book meme, by the way. Check out my last blog post (it has all the info about the meme).

Talk to you soon!