April 30, 2008

A Simplified Story of How I Moved and Then Moved Back.

I had just finished fourth grade. I was ten years old. And I was moving.

I had been at the same school since kindergarten: five years. Five years was a whole half of my life! Now, I had to start over in a town that I had never heard of. I had lived in the city my entire life, and this new town was definitely not urban. There were woods in our backyard.

Moving also meant that I had to leave my friends, the people I had grown up with. Now, I don’t make new friends easily. I am a quiet person. So, this revelation that I would be alone was quite tragic.

We moved in the summer, after school let out. Down the street lived two other girls my age – perhaps I could make a friend there! Unfortunately, they had grown up together, so I found it hard to break in to their bond. On top of that, we had nothing in common.

Eventually school started, and I was still my quiet self. I didn’t make friends. Luckily for me, we had assigned seats at lunch, so I started to talk a bit to Kelsey, a girl at my table. She and her friends were all nice and a little weird, so I fit in well. If you’re a non-social person like me, it’s always safe to hang out with the other non-social people. We had a lot of fun at recess playing with beanie babies.

So, eventually I made friends. Making friends takes time. You have to get to know people a bit, to make sure that you actually like them before you start hanging out with them. It may sound obvious, but if two people don’t like each other, they’re not going to have fun together!

It may sound like that’s the end of they happy story, and me and my new friends walked off into the sunset and the rest of our lives. However, that would not be true.

I had just finished eighth grade. I was thirteen. And I was moving.

This time, the move was familiar: back to the city from whence we had come! This time the move was joyous. Sure, I would miss my new friends, but honestly, a small town was just not the place for me. We had grown apart in middle school, unfortunately, and I was beginning to dislike our moving out of the city in the first place.

This second move came right before high school. In high school, everyone is new, because admission is from all over the city, so there are 100 people in one school coming from fifty different middle schools. I was going to attend the Science Leadership Academy. I walked into the new student orientation, and sitting right there in the second row is my best friend from elementary school.

We now attend the same school, and it’s almost like I never left. We’re BFFL: Best friend for life ☺

“Make new friends,
and keep the old.
One is silver
And the other’s gold.”


Pat said...

I feel your pain! Went to 3 kindergartens in one year, moved in the middle of 2nd grade, switched schools at the end of 3rd, moved at the end of 6th, moved at the end of 11th. Moving in the summer is the worst!!!

Fannah Heldman said...

Well, it's definitely better than moving in the middle of a school year. Goodness, I can't imagine moving during school!

And I say "simplified" because there are two more schools in there that I decided to leave out...

But that's a lot of moving! Did you completely miss certain topics in school? I missed Egypt, for example.

Pat said...

I much preferred moving in the middle of the school year. Summer was way too boring when I moved at the end of the school year. Probably the best time to move for kids is Aug 15!

And, yes, I missed Shakespeare and Driver's Ed. Both were done before I got to Delaware and after I left NJ! I took Shakespeare in college and my father taught me to drive.

BTW, I've stayed in Delaware for the past 40 years now!

Annie Park said...

Wow I've always dreamed of moving back to my old towns and reuniting with my elementary school friends ... I moved in the middle of fifth grade, after I had lived in one town for seven years, so it was a totally drastic change for me ... I always wanted to go back and rejoin my school and my friends, but I ended up liking the new town a lot better ... but then I moved to Korea this past summer, after my freshman year in high school, which was also a drastic change ... I'm supposed to go back to my town in America this summer after my sophomore year but it looks as if that's not going to work out anymore. I guess it's both good and bad? I'm not even sure if I would fit right in again even after just one year - I mean, this is high school .. :P

It's so good that you're happy back in your old place :)