May 29, 2008


As the school year comes to a close (even though I still have five major projects to finish...), we start the business of scheduling our courses for next year. Picking electives comes on Friday, I believe, so I'll see what my options are then.

The one decision that I'm having a hard time making is my internship.

This year I was in an intern at 1812 Productions, an all-comedy theater company. It was pretty awesome. I stuffed envelopes and labeled things, and sometimes even got to alphabetize and chronologize thing !! You may think this is sarcasm, but sadly, it is not. I love to alphabetize. The JKL sequence is tricky. It's hard to remember the order of those three letters...

The people at 1812 are wonderful. Monica and Kate and Tyler are hilarious. It was an office, but a fun one. I went (past tense o.O) once a week for three hours. Supposedly around 100 hours total.

Yesterday was my last day there. They got me a cake (:O) - with strawberries! Twas quite yummy :) I'm sad to go :(

But, now I have to choose what to do next year. I know that I want to start another language, but which one? Ah, that is the question. I have narrowed it down to two choices: Russian or Hebrew. Now I just have to pick between the two. And it's causing me quite some trouble.

Here's my chart:

What am I missing? Any opinions?
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mrsdurff said...

So which language and which elective did you pick?