May 20, 2008

The Dangers of the Internet [aka my daily routine]

Oh, internet, how you give us all ADD. I start in the morning when I get to school with my email and then mosey on over to my rss feeds. From there, I go invariably to one blog, then perhaps another. After that solid fifteen minutes, I refresh Twitterrific, and lo and behold, a link! I will obey and follow. On to Why thank you, Mr. Matt, for a NYTimes article…hmm…wow, I never thought of that... Ooh, I had something I wanted to look up! Why thank you, Wikipedia, for the speedy response. Wait, what does that term mean? *Click* Ohh. Ooh, that sounds interesting…. *time lapse, twenty minutes* Right, I got my answer…. Well, I’m not doing much, I’ll just go see if there are any unanswered Mosio questions. *five to ten minutes of obsessive refreshing later* And back to Twitter. Nothing interesting in those last few tweets… On to Youth Twitter. Goodness, these kids do love to advertise their tumbl-logs. Ok, ok, I’ll read it. Who is this kid? Perhaps I’ll click over to his blog…. Back to Youth Twitter. Any new Space submissions? Ooh, a poem! On to tumblr and google docs. Google docs has new updates? Cool features… I wonder if the Almighty School District has unblocked Ning yet. Nope. Oh well. Perhaps it’s for the better. Keep me from getting distracted. I’ll just go to Moodle. On to SLA Talk. Goodness, 47 unread posts on the chat forums! Better bring that down to zero… Ugh, I guess I’ll check my SLA mail…this system is so horrible. Nope, nothing new. Back to Moodle. Back to email. Refresh email. Refresh email. To google reader. Refresh google reader. Refresh google reader. Sigh.

“Hey Hannah, you realize that class is over in fifteen minutes?”

“What??” Back to Moodle. On to class page; go directly to current in-class assignment. Do work. Re-pack backpack. On to next class.

**DISCLAIMER: This is not every class. This is just first period. Usually.**


Jessica Y said...

Haha! That's pretty much my daily routine too...

Bill Fitzgerald said...

Another view of a typical day: