May 5, 2008

the Mile-Long Petition

If you have visited my blog recently, you may have noticed a new widget in the sidebar: the mile-long petition. You can read about the specific issue at Appalachian Voices, but I'll summarize for you here.

Coal mining is dirty. The method in which most coal is mined in the US is horrendous: mountaintop removal strip mining. Basically, coal companies blow up an entire mountain to get at the coal, and then dump the waste into nearby valleys and streams. That's the main problem. Those streams feed water into peoples' homes. That water is polluted; it runs brown. More about the evils of coal mining can be found at my school blog, which is in the blogroll.

This petition calls for a planned coal mine for Virginia to not be built. They are hoping for 50,000 signatures, so it can be one mile (5,280 feet) long. Please click on the widget and sign the petition!


Yura said...

It's quite amusing how these widgets can make a difference in the world.

Joon said...

the irresponsible business people that pollute the environment and don't care about it just tick me off