September 1, 2008

What I'm Going To Do With My Life

...for this school year, at least :D

Stop wasting time on the computer.
  • I refresh Twitter every minute. I need to wait a bit. I click on links that I know are merely fluff. I need to stop doing that. I stare at my screen blankly for minutes at a time. I need to be productive. I will not waste time! I will not waste (as much) time!

Be an attentive student in science class.

  • I slacked off last year in science class. By the end of the year, I simply was not paying any attention at all in that class. That is bad. I will not do that this year. I will just get the assignments done, quickly, no matter how mundane. Get it done. Get it done now. On time. Plus, science fair will hopefully no longer be mandatory. No more science fair! No more organized, legalized torture!

Be more regular in journal-writing.

  • We were handed out journals in English class last year, a la Freedom Writer's Diary. And we wrote in them at the beginning of each class. I like journal-writing. But I have a hard time keeping up with it. So, I will make a concentrated effort to write a little bit each night before going to sleep.

Remember that others are complex, even if they don't yet know it themselves.

  • This would require a long explanation... Basically, I find types of people annoying, and I will try not to dislike certain people just because they follow a stereotype.

Get outside more.

  • This relates to the first goal: I am indoors for too much of the day. Perhaps this will manifest itself in a simple walk after dinner, or doing homework in the park or on the porch.

Actively engage my friends instead of just being content to know that they are my friends.

  • Basically, get a life? Not really... I see my friends in school. Not so much outside of school. I think that that should change a bit. We could go see a movie! Or just chill.

Watch less TV.

  • I am in love with Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The problem is, when the TV goes on, it's hard to turn off... So, we came up with a plan to just rent stuff! Watch more movies, and rent the shows. I enquired at my local video store as to the status of L&O:CI discs, and apparently they don't have any! So, my plan is falling apart already. Oh well, I'll still watch less TV.

These are my goals and aspirations.

Signed: Hannah Feldman

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Mr. R (Intrepid Teacher) said...

I am sure you will be fine. Two quick suggestions:

1. Use your blog as a journaling tool. See if you can't find inspirational to write more on a platform you are already comfortable with.

2. Use Netflix to get your videos. I find watching DVDs a much better way of watching what I want, without getting suckered into bad TV.

Looking forward to seeing your participation this year with IntrepidClassroom. Would you like to get involved with Daraja. Email me if you are.