October 26, 2008

Emergency! Emergency! Everybody to get from street!

I wish I had a Cyrillic keyboard.*

My ILP this year is at Drexel University. High school students can enroll in one course per quarter/semester through the Pennoni Honors College, and I am taking Russian 101.

My Russian knowledge is vast and deep. I can say such illustrious phrases as "That is a cat." and "Where is his magazine?"

Sarcasm aside, I love Russian. Though I can't quite read Dostoevsky in its original language, hey, I'll get there one day. I have mastered the alphabet! Almost!

I wander the streets muttering possessive pronouns, counting street lamps, identifying objects and greeting my imaginary friends.

I can count from один to десять. And backwards.

I can mind my p's and q's.

And I can say fuck your mother. Yeah, I have my priorities in order.

*Are there any applications or something that will let me type in Cyrillic letters? Please contact me!
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mrsdurff said...

Привет Анна! Смотрим русский язык?

Fannah Heldman said...

:O :D !!!
Cyrillic keyboard???

Привет! Umm...no entiendo el segundo frase...