March 15, 2009

Eurovision Fever

Right around now, countries across Europe are holding contests for musicians to determine a representative to the Eurovision Song Contest, a, well, song contest between the nations of Europe.

I'm hooked. Most of the songs tend to be utterly horrible, but there are always a few gems. So, my hopes for this year's winner:

3. Romania - Elena Gheorghe singing "The Balkan Girls" is ridiculously catchy, and if it weren't for her sluttiness and obvious pop overtones, it might be mistaken for a great dance song.

2. Greece - Sakis Rouvas can pelvic thrust like no other. The song ("This Is Our Night") isn't bad either.

1. Estonia - Absolutely gorgeous and haunting. The song is beautiful. Sandra Nurmsalu with Urban Symphony singing "Rändajad." [Note: I found the lyrics!]


mrsdurff said...

I only choose to watch this video because I recall your excellent musical ear - I was not disappointed! Thanks !!

Fannah Heldman said...

;) Thanks!