October 26, 2009


My eyes hurt. I haven't been getting enough sleep, haven't been recharging on weekends.
The first two benchmarks were relatively painless. However, three challenges remain ahead. I'm already behind. I feel like I've said this before...
Am I supposed to care about my parents' friends? My father seems to think I should...I don't.
I turn 18 in nine months, exactly. I'm excited, counting down the days. We've only all been counting for years...the day I turn 18 is the day I move out.
My capstone [senior project] is going to do with textiles...specifically, I have no idea.
I'm ready for holidays to come. Senior year has the aura of a whole big social event. It seems I never go straight home. It's nice, for a change.
I've applied to two colleges so far, out of 8 [I think] total. It all feels like a big to-do over nothing much. At least I know I'll be happy wherever I get accepted/get money. I have friends whose hearts are glued to one school. I feel sorry for them, almost.
I want to go apple picking. It's fall. That's what you do in fall, right?
The farmer's market near my house has the best apple cider I've ever tasted. Fahnestock Fruit Farms...
I have an exchange student. I'm ready for her to leave now.
I want my room back. I want personal space back.
I want a lot.
I want to sleep.

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