March 10, 2010

braids and braids and pink

The doll looks creepy but that's a nice pink. I'm not sure how I feel about barrel "braids" though.
Her braids are amazing. And omg pompoms. And imagine all of it pink. It would be so wonderful. [plus, the picture's from travelpod !]
This is the most amazing shade of pink I've seen. Gorgeous.
Pretty braids.
It would look better, I think, if it was all pink.


─░zlediks said...

Nice Blog...
Pc Keyfi

Celia D. said...

This braids are awesome, and so cute!!

I have a foamy doll blog, if you want, you can check it.

Regaaards!! (:

Camilla said...

I love pink and I love braids so love your blog :)